" Friend of " Removal

Could the following people please remove me from their flist?

23sept07, anaispoynter, angel_fanarts, aprilx0x, bellalah, blaie, canuta_black, carmz_supremacy, chibichan91, damnfineemile, demi_jourlove, depp_paradisfan, dtaintedwing, earthfaye, elizzybright, ellaaaah, elyssamorales, empressczarina, estherthomas, falseaidoru, fantasy_caill, fencer_42, fleetingsparrow, gaby_47, high_heel_hopes, iem2010, ikay_, isedfairy, ivedanz, jadore_shia, jelikka, jellyfishu, julifilix, kataraskywalker, kathryn_claire, la_sirena_dolce, lainso, leour, lightningfair, lindsay_lovely, lionlambliz, lucypullsfaces, lupispink, lysandrea, meloncube, misamille, miss_lauren23, moderndaybelle, mora_veresk, nineteen80six, origami_bat, paniclover4life, papieravion, pearlsandsilk, phoebe456, pink_roses_lady, profitina, queenmarytwo, regele,  rosettirose, s4r4_4jc, saiidatortori, sasha27okt, sepiastars, shiorita, sweetnanchica, thalia10, the_scepter, theflamezbegin, thegarrettsims, truelovesucks, twilighttay, upsydownsy, violet_hilll, x_redbird_x, xnight_owlx, yoniceface

It's not that I don't like you, it's that I'm pretty sure you friended me for my graphics. If this is indeed the case, please remove miss_kallahan from your flist and join persuasion_art. There will no longer be any public posts here.

If you're here because you want to be friends and read my personal posts, then just let me know in a comment to this entry. I'd love to add you back!

Thanks very much everyone!

Last time I'm saying this!

I've posted a new Twilight/New Moon theme at persuasion_art, as well as some icons.

There's still over 100 of you here that haven't transferred over, so I thought I'd give you guys another shout out:
I'm not posting stuff here anymore! If you just friended me for my graphics, you need to join over there, and if you could, please remove miss_kallahan from your flist.

Okay? Okay. :)
Thank you!

Poll please!

I'm posting this here and not at my graphics journal because most of you haven't joined over there yet! In case you missed my first post, which it seems many of you have, all my graphics are now going to be posted at persuasion_art.

Okay, with that out of the way, I have a poll for you guys.
I'd really appreciate your participation and input! Thanks babes. ^_^

This poll is closed.

Which mood themes would you be interested in seeing at always_winter? (check all that apply)

Twilight movie (general)
Twilight movie (Edward/Bella)
Twilight movie (Cullens)
Twilight movie (Bella)
Twilight movie (ladies of Twilight)
Harry Potter movies (Hermione)
Harry Potter movies (Ron/Hermione)
Harry Potter book quotes

Keep in mind that the Twilight moods would be continually updated with New Moon pics as they came out, and the Harry Potter movie moods would be updated with Deathly Hallows pics.

Half-Blood Prince and other junk.

Saw Harry Potter.

Collapse )

Let's see, what else?
My graphics journal has hit a speed bump because our new wireless internet is down. It will still be up soon, and I'm still working on a bunch of new stuff, but it won't be ready yesterday, like I thought it was going to be.

I knew there was something else I wanted to talk about, but I can't think of it! So I'll just leave you with this Deathly Hallows wallpaper I made and say goodbye. :)